Sustainable Garden


Through collaboration with our clients, we create environmentally positive gardens
which draw you out into the space to relax and recuperate.
Our design process starts with your vision, by discussing that and sharing ideas we put together a brief which steers your project from start to finish. By considering sustainability at this early stage, we incorporate it into every step of the process.

As part of our bespoke design service, we use a combination of 2D and 3D drawings, mood boards, planting plans and construction drawings to produce a plan which encapsulates your vision and enables us to progress to the garden build.

Having a sound plan in place allows us to have made many decisions about materials, processes and maintenance requirements before a spade goes into the ground.

This is a very sustainable approach as waste can be reduced or eliminated, existing materials and plants be re-used and featured in the new garden and all this before a spade goes into the soil.

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Our design process begins with an on-site consultation with Jonathan.
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