April 11, 2021

Are sustainable gardens important?

As the planet faces an environmental catastrophe gardens (which cover more than 5300 Sq Km in the UK) are a great starting point for regeneration. You don't have to look far to see some frightening statistics, since WW2 we have lost 97% of our wildflower meadows and 75000 miles of native hedgerows and in the 2019 the state of nature report stated that 15% of species are threatened with extinction.

Native hedgerows providing food and nesting sites for birds and insects.

While it is easy to blame farmers, housing developers and the government we all have a part to play in reversing this decline, in urbanised areas gardens make up a third of the space, imagine if we could garden these spaces more sustainably, in a more environmentally friendly way, with wildlife and pollinators in mind. Every small positive difference collating to something bigger, something better.

Annual flowers planted with pollinators in mind

We believe this is possible, at our launch in 2020 we set up with different approach to gardens; to design sustainable, long lasting spaces which positively impacts the ecosystems as well as our own mental health. We want to build gardens using materials which cost the planet less, plant pollinator and insect friendly planting which are free of pesticides in the hope that us doing our bit will have a positive effect on our planet.

Fruit, veg and flowers grown in our garden all enjoyed with zero food miles.

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