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We create sustainable, regenerative gardens for both people and wildlife. Our sympathetic approach to garden design and build ensures the effects on ecosystems, the planet and our own wellbeing are simply positive.

Our talented team of Garden Designers and Landscapers led by Jonathan are all exceptional at their craft and tackle each stage of creating your garden with sustainability as a guiding principle.

Each project we work on begins with an on-site consultation with Jonathan.
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Gardens evolve

And last a lifetime...

In a fast-paced life one only has to spend a short time in a garden to feel restored. The gardens we design and build will grow organically with you, celebrate the seasons, and attract a host of wildlife.

Our unique vision for gardens will encourage you to spend more time outside. Built from sustainably sourced materials and planted with pollinator friendly plants, your garden will sit timelessly as part of the greater landscape.


Our designs are mindful of the environmental costs of building and maintaining a garden and our aim is that each of our projects has a local regenerative effect on local habitats.

We combine good garden design principles to give you (the client) the garden you imagined, while considering an additional stakeholder to your project: the environment.


Our build team are landscape specialists who build gardens with passion and an eye for detail.

With a focus on sustainability, we are experienced in working sympathetically with a garden, using reclaimed and re-used materials and planting both native and pollen rich planting schemes.
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April 11, 2021
Are sustainable gardens important?
As the planet faces an environmental catastrophe gardens (which cover more than 5300 Sq Km in the UK) are a great starting point for regeneration. You don't have to look far to see some frightening statistics, since WW2 we have lost 97% of our wildflower meadows and 75000 miles of native hedgerows and in the […]
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